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Creators Dock


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Creative agence specialized in Kids brands. Exclusive partner in developing brand guides. Trackrecord in both license- and private label brands. Large experience in baby- and kids fashion, packaging and products. Multidisciplinary team including illustrators, typography, fashion and graphic designers. Cross category working field: toys, health and care, food, apparel, stationery, accessories, bijoux, home ware, sports, arts & crafts. References: C&A, Carrefour, Intersport, AS Watson, Albert Heijn, Woezel en Pip, Disney, Universal, Eurecto, BfC, Sanrio hello kitty, Princess and more

Projecten (3) door Creators Dock

Kids Woezel&Pip toys
Kids Woezel&Pip toysmaart 2016
Freek Vonk brand guide and merchandise
Freek Vonk brand guide and merchandisemaart 2016
Create it branding and packaging concept
Create it branding and packaging conceptmaart 2016

Diensten (2) aangeboden door Creators Dock

Branding & Positionering

Development of brand guides for children brands to build, pack or license product ranges,


Fashion and product graphics

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