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Du Nord Projects

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Over ons Du Nord Projects

We believe that building a brand starts from the inside and finds its way to the outside, driven by passion ad focused on goals.

Core, practice, result.

Projecten (2) door Du Nord Projects

Rebranding Terramar Museum, Bonaire door Du Nord Projects
Rebranding Terramar Museum, Bonairejanuari 2019
Store Design & Branding Strategy for Retailerjanuari 2019

Diensten (2) aangeboden door Du Nord Projects

Branding & Positionering

€1000 – €1000000

The world, both online and offline, is overwhelmed with brands that all claim they are the best. Many of these brands can tell you perfectly what they do, but very little of them explain why they do it and how they go about business. Our models are focused on discovering your core and learning about your practice, in order to achieve the result you have in mind. Best of all, we are doing this together and we won't stop until the customer starts finding you.

retail business
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Brand Identity
Brand Content
Brand Consulting
retail marketing

Content Strategy

€1000 – €1000000

We want people to believe what you believe. Our methods for Content Strategy are focused on who you are as a person and as an organisation. We want to connect with you first before we let the world connect with you.

Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Content
Brand Story
Storytelling for Marketing Personas
Brand Identity

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