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Amsterdam, Nederland
Award winning international tech PR agency, with offices in Amsterdam, Austin, Munich and Stockholm.
As a PR agency specializing in the tech sector and with a background working with startups and scaleups, PRLab is not your run-of-the-mill agency. We like to solve modern issues with modern solutions, utilizing cutting-edge methods to ensure our clients get coverage in high-tier and niche publications. We are experienced professionals adept at seeing the inner workings of startups and scaleups to leverage the things that make them newsworthy. Tech startups and scaleups look to modernize the world with their innovations. We are looking to do the same with PR. This makes us perfectly suited. We are more than just a PR agency ; we also help companies create content for OP-ED features and evergreen content for their blogs. In the fast-paced and mercurial world of startups and scaleups, you and your business must captivate and capture your target audience’s attention. At PRLab, our experienced content writing team utilizes the touchpoints of your business to craft content that will resonate and reverberate across the medium of your choice to build your reputation as a thought leader in your industry. We offer Tech PR, Digital PR, media training, internal communications, PR funding and other services. We specialize in Fintech, financial, SaaS, cleantech, healthtech and healthcare, edtech, hrtech, blockchain, SaaS, and more. Your business is fresh, exciting, and lively, and you have a story to tell - your content should reflect that!
25 mensen in hun team
Spreekt Duits, Engels, Nederlands, Zweeds
18 projecten in hun portfolio
Werkt op afstand over de hele wereld
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4 awards gewonnen


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  • Beschrijving
    We are a technology PR agency specialized in startups and scaleups. PR is our bread and butter, and it should be yours too if you want to bootstrap your business growth.

    Whereas you are in the B2B or B2C space, leveraging the media landscape to build credibility, become a thought leader & secure funding is crucial for your long-term growth efforts. We can deliver effective PR for tech startups through our partnerships.
    Skills in Public Relations (PR) (14)
    Social Media MarketingContent MarketingCustomer JourneyPublic RelationsDigital ActivationsGrowth HackingGoogle AdWords CampaignBrand InnovationBranding, Crafted Branding, Innovation, Digitization, Growth Strategy, New Product Development, Customer Journey, Social impact, Environmental impact, Strategic Marketing, Brand Experience, Trends & Insights, Strategy, Design, AnalyticsCrafted Branding+4
    Projecten in Public Relations (PR) (15)
    Siilo - Public Relations (PR)
    Chargebee - Public Relations (PR)
    Appspace - Public Relations (PR)
    Smart Robotics - Public Relations (PR)
    Reviews in Public Relations (PR) (4)
    Monica Ciovica
    Eve Logunova
    Stefka Ivanova
    Laurent Van Brussel
    Klanten in Public Relations (PR) (15)
    Halve MaenManagement Consulting | international
    Office AppKantoor/Kamer/Ruimte verhuur | international
    PaazlE-commerce | international
    HappeoTechnology Hardware & Equipment | international

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  • Beschrijving
    PRLab is a premier PR agency tailored to the unique needs of tech companies. We understand the rapid pace of innovation and the nuances of the tech landscape. Our media planning services are designed to elevate your brand's visibility, ensuring that your message not only reaches but resonates with your target audience. Leveraging a blend of data-driven strategies and industry insights, we meticulously curate campaigns that align with your objectives, positioning you at the forefront of your sector and ensuring meaningful engagement with key stakeholders.
    Skills in Media Planning (4)
    Media MonitoringStrategic PlanningMedia StrategyMedia Coverage
    Projecten in Media Planning (13)
    Siilo - Media Planning
    Chargebee - Media Planning
    Appspace - Media Planning
    Smart Robotics - Media Planning
    Klanten in Media Planning (13)
    SiiloZorginstellingen | international
    ChargebeeBanken & financiële instellingen | international
    AppspaceSoftware & Computer Services | international
    Smart RoboticsLogistiek & Supply Chain | international

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  • Beschrijving
    At PRLab, we recognize the power of words in shaping perceptions and driving action, especially in the dynamic world of technology. Our specialized copywriting services are crafted for tech companies that seek compelling narratives. We blend technical accuracy with creative flair, ensuring that your brand's story is told in a way that captivates, educates, and resonates. From website content to press releases, our seasoned writers dive deep into your brand's essence, ensuring every piece of content not only speaks to your audience but also elevates your industry presence.
    Skills in Copywriting (6)
    Branded JournalismE-booksBloggingGhostwritingStorytellingContent Writing
    Projecten in Copywriting (12)
    Siilo - Copywriting
    Appspace - Copywriting
    Smart Robotics - Copywriting
    Unifonic - Copywriting
    Klanten in Copywriting (12)
    Office AppKantoor/Kamer/Ruimte verhuur | international
    SiiloZorginstellingen | international
    AppspaceSoftware & Computer Services | international
    Smart RoboticsLogistiek & Supply Chain | international

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  • Beschrijving
    PRLab takes a holistic approach to content strategy, designed exclusively for the intricacies of the tech domain. Understanding that content is more than just words on a page, we delve deep into the heart of your brand, crafting strategies that serve as a bridge between your innovations and your audience's aspirations. Our method goes beyond mere content creation — we focus on curating experiences. By marrying data-driven insights with industry trends, we design content roadmaps that not only amplify your voice in the crowded tech sphere but also foster meaningful connections, ensuring sustained growth and engagement.
    Skills in Content Strategy (2)
    StorytellingContent Marketing
    Projecten in Content Strategy (14)
    Siilo - Content Strategy
    Appspace - Content Strategy
    Smart Robotics - Content Strategy
    Unifonic - Content Strategy
    Klanten in Content Strategy (14)
    SiiloZorginstellingen | international
    BomberbotOnderwijs | international
    ImpraisePersoneelszaken | international
    PaazlE-commerce | international

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25 leden in PRLab's team

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VerhaalPassion led to the founding of the firm. Seeing a market niche, we sought to bridge the gap between innovative tech companies and effective PR. Our approach to PR emphasizes tailored approaches, unique solutions, and creative thinking. I do this with a team of like-minded passionate individuals.
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PRLab heeft 4 awards gewonnen

Top Public Relations Company2023-1-1Clutch
Top Public Relations Company Amsterdam2022-12-31Clutch
Top Public Relations Company Netherlands2022-12-31Clutch
Top Public Relations Company for Financial Services2023-1-1Clutch



(5 reviews)
Laurent Van BrusselMarketing manager bij MobieTriain
ServicePublic Relations (PR)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team11 - 50

Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?We hired PRLab to launch our product in the Dutch Market. Focus points were Thought Leadership, Press Releases, Creative Campaigns and coordinating our yearly Corporate Learning Benchmark. PRLAB helped us with reinforcing specific elements of our omnichannel marketing mix by successfully implementing their PR-processes.

Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?The flexibility, hands-on approach of our project manager, focus on growth and the readiness to think along with what was trending in the market during that period.

Laurent Van Brussel beveelt dit bureau aan

ServicePublic Relations (PR)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team11 - 50

Martine PeetersMarketing Manager bij StuDocu
Team51 - 200

Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?Creating awareness by generating media coverage with original content

Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?PRLab was very hands-on, always thinking along and ready to jump in when needed

Martine Peeters beveelt dit bureau aan

Team51 - 200

Stefka IvanovaHead of Brand & Creative bij Happeo
ServicePublic Relations (PR)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services

Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?Raise awareness during our Investment Series A announcement. Get featured in leading publications on the US market.

Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?The proactivity and decisiveness of Matias's team.

Stefka Ivanova beveelt dit bureau aan

ServicePublic Relations (PR)
SectorSoftware & Computer Services

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  • HoofdkantoorHerengracht 252, 1016 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Torsgatan 2, 111 75 Stockholm, Sweden

  • Franz-Joseph-Straße 11, 80801 München, Germany

  • 10900 Research Blvd #160c, Austin, TX 78759, USA