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A full service mobile agency. We design, develop and deploy mobile apps and websites from end to end. How we work: - We conduct code reviews to ensure high code quality and standards. - We use automated testing and integration testing to ensure our deliverables are always stable and adhere to specs. - We use continuous integration and deployment tools to release early and release often. - We integrate analytics tools in all of our apps as part of our ASO strategy and to optimize the app's performance on the AppStore. - We integrate marketing tools for deep linking, emails, push notifications and adwords campaigns to fit your marketing and sales strategy.  
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  • Beschrijving
    Design and develop back and front end for a web app or service.
    Project in Web Applicatie (1)
    VidyoWeb - Web Applicatie
    Klant in Web Applicatie (1)
    Vidyo Inc.Telecommunicatie | international

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  • Beschrijving
    - Design and development

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4 projecten uitgevoerd door 100grams

Capture Camera
Capture Camera

Project gemaakt voor Capture BV in de Software & Computer Services industrie voor een B2C publiek.Capture Camera is an social camera and photos sharing app that leverages location-based information to share photos with friends near you.We've complemented Capture's in-house dev team and helped realize an MVP in minimal amount of time, including: camera functionlity, photos collection, location-awareness and sharing.

Mobile App
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Project gemaakt voor Vidyo Inc. in de Telecommunicatie industrie voor een B2B publiek.ContextWe set out to design a web application that would allow a user to quickly join a video call by leveraging Vidyo's hi-fidelity video compression codecs. We needed an app that runs on all major browsers, both on Windows and Mac OS X.The challenge we faced was that while standard web browsers supported WebRTC, WebRTC itself did not support Vidyo's propriatary codecs and as such did not produce an ideal user experience (i.e. high video quality with lots of participants in a video call).GoalsOur goal was to integrate Vidyo's client-side SDK into a web application that works on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), on Windows and Mac OS X. We had to work around some fundamental limitations, especially on Chrome, which disallows web plugins. ExecutionWe developed a Chrome extension for supporting Vidyo's pipeline and streaming video using a virtual camera device. On Safari we used NPAPI plugin to manage the video session. The application itself was written with Angular.js. ResultsAfter a few months of work we released the VidyoWeb app and the supporting Chrome extension to the market.

Web Applicatie
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Project gemaakt voor Vidyo Inc. in de Telecommunicatie industrie voor een B2B publiek.ContextVidyo delivers high-fidelity, corporate-grade video conferencing solutions to businesses around the world.We've been commissioned by Vidyo Inc. to deliver the new version of their whitelabel iOS mobile application: VidyoMobile.GoalsOur goal was to fix a lot of fundamental issues in the flow, user experience and performance of the app. In addition, we had to bring in a slew of new features to complement in 3 new releases of the app. StrategyAfter performing in-depth code analysis, we decided to devide-n-conquor the issues one by one, drilling down each flow in the app and refactoring the relevant code in order to improve the design and stability of the code base.A tight collaboration with the project management and QA team at Vidyo was crucial to the success of the project. Execution1. Refactored 80% of the code to produce more coherent project and code structure.2. Correct application flow control, especially handling of async tasks and background operations.3. Remove usage of deprecated APIs.4. Correct usage of CoreData for caching. 5. Introduced Continuous Integration, Crashlytics and Answers and tools to improve product quality. Results• Delivered 3 new versions of the app in a period of 4 months. • Increased collaboration between QA and development by using Continuous Integration for producing daily builds with automated release notes.• Reduced the numbre of crashes by 300%. Crash-free users increase to 97%.• Added a list of new features to the app, streamlined feature requests from Vidyo's customers.

Mobile App
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Psngr - Mileage tracking
Psngr - Mileage tracking

Project gemaakt voor psngr.co in de Vervoer industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek.ContextTravel expenses are tax deductibe. However, logging your work-related travel and calculating expenses can be a tidious task.Introducing Passenger app: an automatic logbook for tracking your trips. GoalsOur goal with Passenger app was to build a tool for busy people that "just works", and therefore saves time (and money) to the user.As such, we've built Passenger around the premise that minimal, or no input will be required by the user in order to accurately and reliably log all trips and classify them as #business or #private, calculate expenses accordingly and serve a report on a monthly or annual basis. strategy For a product like Passenger which relies heavily on mobile sensors (GPS and motion), we had to build a beta program right into our development cycle. We launched 3 beta programs throughout the development period in order to test our assumptions in real-life situations and have a feedback loop with actual users using different devices in different scenarios. During the development period we were able to not only improve the tracking engine and the application interface, but also to fine tune it to the target market and increase the conversion rate between downloads, active users and paying customers by a factor of x4! ExecutionThe development started with an iOS app and backend server written in Python/Django. When the feature set stabilized and traction started to pick up, we embarked on the Android app development and finally added the web application.Resultsweb application: https://psngr.coiOS app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/passenger-mileage-tracking/id871087584?mt=8Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.hgrams.passenger&hl=en

Mobile App
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