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About us Our Vision & Mission Our vision and mission is to build cutting-edge social media web applications and digital ecosystems powered by advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and machine learning. The Quantamix Team We are young entrepreneurs with fire in our hearts to achieve the unthinkable. Our team consists of people from varied background and experiences. We have the right balance of young and very young professionals who thrive to achieve your dreams because we love our work and we care for our clients. Partners We empower our partners to taste success by means of technology integration. Digitization is the focus and we thrive for it to help our partners have seamless customer experience and accelerate towards their financial goals. Solutions Analytics based Social Media Solutions Content Scheduling Let our social media tool allows you to sit down and plan weeks, or even months, worth of content scheduling at once. Our a nalytics tool address gaps in your posting schedule which can be automatically filled to ensure a seamless flow of unique social content. Automated Posts and Messages Queuing Relax and let our algorithm automatically decide daily post time and post run time based on your geography and target audience! Let our solution automatically shares your content at a time determined a best fit for your unique audience. Real Time Posts Tracking and Analytics Measure your posts performance for reach, clicks, views, comments, shares, engagements and track how users actually behaved once they logged in to your website. Keywords monitoring Listen to your customers and community! Monitor keys words in conversations and create actionable responses to manage your brand’s perception. Analyze Real Time Trends Let our analytics tool find out which topics, interests, issues, hashtags are frequently mentioned based on time and location to optimize content creation and which people to build strong relationship with. Push Notifications Stay alert and agile! Our solution let you know whenever someone mentions your brand on social media. That way you can quickly respond to these messages without requiring you to keep you checking your website all the time. Campaign Management Initiate campaigns to reach your target audience and sit back relax! Let our analytics tool take care of follow ups, reach, scheduling, audience targeting and monitor goals of campaign in real time. Search Optimization Engine Quantamix solutions provides built-in search mechanism based on criteria that characterize either target and her / his audience. Contract Management Relax and let our solution work seamlessly to negotiate payment and execute contracts and handling of various regulatory compliance matters. Real-time Brand Monitoring Monitor web traffic, explore, transform and ingest data and extract key features which drives consumer behavior. Our tools plug-in this data to state-of-art machine learning models and generate real time insights to create strategic focus to the target audience based on your business strategy. Advance Analytics and Control Advanced Data Visualization We use cutting-edge tools and emerging technologies to visualize the insights gain from the data and machine learning models. We present dashboards and serve visual information which is easy to translate to human mind. Psychometric Analysis Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style. Quantamix Solutions provides  AI and machine learning based psychometric tests which are designed to measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities) Admin Tools for web applications We design and implement advanced admin features and tools to gain control on your web and mobile applications. Our solutions delegate workflow to automated admin and empowers you focus your action where it needs real human intervention. Blockchain DAPPs and Token Ecosystems We build and design blockchain based ecosystem to create and transform ultimate customer loyalty programmes based on security and trust of blockchain and aimed for building a one stop customer acquisition, engagement and retention software tool. We can build and customize blockchain solutions which meet brands business strategy and future goals. Web Development Services and Maintenance Front-end UI Tools We provide customized and personalized unique info graphics and design tools which gives unique look and feel to your applications and brand image. We work together with you to achieve interactive, responsive, user friendly application User Interface (UI). Back-end Full Stack Development Our back-end full stack is based on advanced Python frameworks combined with advanced JavaScript libraries,  bootstrap, CSS, markdown tools, advanced frameworks like react.js, next.js and Angular. We offer solutions for different types of databases (structured and unstructured) management, migration and deployment to production environment. Developer APIs and Mobile Applications   We design from start our web and mobile applications which are easy to integrate with other similar applications based on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This is core of our full stack development strategy. Cloud Cloud Hosting Services We have pool of expert developers with experience in managing your cloud hosting strategies including technical production level deployment on the cloud hosting services from AWS to Heroku and various others.   Other Cloud Services Our solution offerings includes cloud computing, machine learning ecosystem and we also provide services for docker container and kubernetes and deployment on  various operating system using virtual machines. Platform Real Time Collaboration Our platform is one stop collaboration solution where you can share concepts, ideas, codes and connect with large community of students and young professionals working on bringing the data science and artificial intelligence to mainstream. Research and Development Our platform pioneer cutting-edge research and development of software tools and plug-ins to collect, analyze and generate data driven insights to help our society in sustainable use of environment and resources. Automate Social Interactions Our platform is optimized to automate social interactions and Optimize social interactions and drive efficiency with simple automated tools, coupled with your personalized touch. Social Media Listening Our platform enables you to harness power of digital ocean of conversations. Our tools enables dive deeper into the data with multi social channel text analytics and NLP models to uncover emerging trends, identify influencers and optimize your business strategy. Social Media Analytics Out platform brings ideas and share tools, codes, concepts to analyze and visualize the social media data. Optimize business and drive strategic decision-making with meaningful insights from social data and analytics. Internet-of-Things (IoT) Our platform generates ideas; collaborate with brands and solutions providers to work on effective IoT tools and techniques. Business Advisory Our platform offers advisory solutions along with effective tools, techniques and software solutions to help brands manage their social media requirements as one-stop-solutions. Blog Read or contribute to the Quantamix community by writing a blog out of your experiences and learning’s. At Quantamix we would love to learn from outside world at the same time we encourage our team members to share their experiences via blogging.
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