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Twisted Stranger


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Shepherd to the Brave

For those, who fight themselves free from the herd. 
For those, who stand for what they believe. 
For those, who dare to say no...

...we introduce Twisted Stranger. The Brand Design Agency that believes normal is just boring. The agency that herds your product to a more daring place, that protects you from the yea-sayer outsiders.That let us say with pride: This is who we are, this is my brand, this is what I believe in. Are you brave enough?

Projecten (6) door Twisted Stranger

Visual Branding The Bright District
Visual Branding The Bright Districtaugustus 2018
Animation for drugs, alcohol and gaming awarenessaugustus 2018
Various webdesigns for SEO advertising company
Various webdesigns for SEO advertising companyaugustus 2018
Character and storybook creation Bink and Bibi
Character and storybook creation Bink and Bibiaugustus 2018
Appdesign and campaign material for health program
Appdesign and campaign material for health programaugustus 2018
Package and brand design for food industry
Package and brand design for food industryaugustus 2018

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Branding & Positionering

Our services may vary per client, as no brand is the same, no solution is the same either. All our designs will blow your mind, be very creative and one-of-a-kind. We believe that you mustn't follow the herd, but be a leader in your own profession. Dare to be creative. Dare to be different!

Motion Design

Our animation and video editing skills are otherworldly! Educational explanimations, cool logo animations, and advertising campaigns, we do it all! We help you from A-to-Z in the process, we illustrate everything ourselves. We write storyboards and even can help you with scripting and sound design. A total package with international allure!

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