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An independent digital studio. Solving business challenges with design.
We focus on building projects that not only look good, but also address your core business goals. Designing customer-focused experiences for your digital and physical products. Everything we do is unique and tailored to your company's needs. Creative Mules works for international clients from all over the world and has a 100% customer satisfaction record. To achieve this, we work with a highly motivated and international team from several continents. We don't want to limit our talent search by any borders and therefore work remote-first since day one. Our Approach We don’t always stick to the script. However, we follow a design thinking approach to bring your projects to life: Cocktail Session Before we can even begin to work together, we need to get to know each other. We invite you to meet us for a casual drink or, of course, a digital cocktail in the form of a call. Understanding your business and how you work helps us establish the right structure to  solve your goals and challenges. Discovery Phase During this phase we understand where you want to get to, what currently exists and how to get you there from where you are today Conceptualization Based on the established criteria, we come up with multiple directions to meet the goals. Together we determine the most appropriate solution. Creation & Iteration During this phase we bring the concept to life. This concept gets developed over time and iterated until it fully meets the goals. This is done with your feedback and review sessions as well as user testing. Test & Support Once the project is complete, you are provided with ongoing support to continuously test and develope the project further as your user demands and goals change.
15 mensen in hun team
Spreekt Duits, Engels
23 projecten in hun portfolio
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8 awards gewonnen


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  • Beschrijving
    Developing strong and authentic brand identities from the ground up is one of Creative Mules' core competencies. Whether it's a start-up, a corporation or a one-man company, branding has never been more important and we'll make sure you stand out from the crowd. We do this by taking a holistic approach that develops the brand as a whole and is based on research rather than mere assumptions. This not only makes your brand authentic, but also allows your business to expand easily over time and across all channels and domains.

    Over the past few years, we have worked with our clients to develop a unique approach to branding that allows for a smooth workflow and unmatched results - Keeping our clients informed of progress at all times and truly walking this journey together to achieve the best results.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (50)
    a brandbrand identificationcity brandingbrand designbrand guidelinesluxury brandingmotion graphic designlogo designbranding positioningbrand strategy+40
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (15)
    Hubject- Website for the largest eroaming network - Branding & Positionering
    Branding for Cloud Developers TwoPeaks - Branding & Positionering
    Branding for Online Academy Campus45 - Branding & Positionering
    Branding for Amsterdam Chemistry Network - Branding & Positionering
    Reviews in Branding & Positionering (8)
    Valeriya Efremova
    Christoff Heunis
    Tim Kantaut
    Nikita Vasilevskiy
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (15)
    ChironFarmaceuten & Biotech | national
    Alber HjeinRetail | national
    Xenia HirmerVastgoed | international
    MounTeamReizen & Vrije tijd | international

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  • Beschrijving
    We are a professional Webflow partner and develop all our web-projects exclusively using their software. Utilizing no-code technologies allows us to focus on building you a visually stellar, modern, and high-converting website that is tailored to grow your business. No-code software provides you with simple, effective, and elegant solutions - and thanks to that simplicity, you will be able to scale as you grow without any complications. Your website are designed from scratch based on your specific wants and needs.

    Our approach:

    Set the goals of your website

    Our first step with any Web-project is to gather your requirements. Your website should be designed and developed to serve your business in the best possible way - both functionally and from a marketing perspective.In this phase, our goal is to discover exactly that - how your website will best serve your business. We will hop on a kick-off call and figure out everything we need to know about your project.

    Information Architecture
    Now that we know what needs to be done, we need to start visualizing the plan for your project. In this phase, we craft a visual sitemap + information architecture so you can have a strong idea of exactly what will be on the website - before moving on to designs!

    Art Direction
    Once the Information Architecture has been approved, we are all clear on exactly what the structure of the site will be.
    We will then focus on the look&feel of your website and our Creative Director will present you his vision of how the goals of your website can be met by design.

    UI/UX Design
    After the art direction has been set, you can rest assured that we will create pixel-perfect designs that illustrate exactly what will go on the site. We will refine every small or large detail of your website before we start with the actual development.

    Webflow Development
    Once we've executed all your revisions on the designs, we move into the Webflow development phase. This is where our experienced development team will build you a beautiful, responsive, animated website that looks exactly like the designs you loved. We guarantee that every element of the final product, every detail, will be exactly how you want it.
    Skills in Website Creatie (23)
    webflowmobile designweb siteDesignui uxui designcontent strategyergonomy ux uiwebsite maintenancewebsite seo+13
    Projecten in Website Creatie (12)
    Hubject- Website for the largest eroaming network - Website Creatie
    Kern Microtechnik – Website Relaunch - Website Creatie
    !AYCON- Website for Management Consulting Group - Website Creatie
    Branding for Cloud Developers TwoPeaks - Website Creatie
    Reviews in Website Creatie (8)
    Anika Polesch
    Stefan Reuther
    Klaus Wilhelm Boettger
    Klanten in Website Creatie (12)
    Amsterdam Chemistry NetworkNon-profit | national
    AYCON management GmbHManagement Consulting | international
    Marcus WenkelManagement Consulting | national
    Tim KantautManagement Consulting | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Our designers have the right know-how for every challenge. From concept sketches and graphic design to print and illustration, apparel or packaging design. Everything is designed to fit your brand identity and stand out!
    Skills in Ontwerp (30)
    PackagingLogo DesignBrand IdentityPrintPackaging Designgraphic designillustrationpackaging designgraphic artillustration design+20
    Projecten in Ontwerp (16)
    Branding for Cloud Developers TwoPeaks - Ontwerp
    Branding for Online Academy Campus45 - Ontwerp
    Branding for Amsterdam Chemistry Network - Ontwerp
    Branding and Website for Manager Tim Kantaut - Ontwerp
    Reviews in Ontwerp (5)
    Peter Kuhle
    Sarah Amler
    Tom Hatzer
    Tobias Karns
    Klanten in Ontwerp (16)
    Campus45Management Consulting | national
    Amsterdam Chemistry NetworkNon-profit | national
    Tim KantautManagement Consulting | national
    ChironFarmaceuten & Biotech | national

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  • Beschrijving

    Geen beschrijving opgegeven voor deze service.

    Skills in Web Applicatie (3)
    Wireframe DesignResponsive Web DesignWeb Hosting Management

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23 projecten uitgevoerd door Creative Mules

Hubject- Website for the largest eroaming network
Hubject- Website for the largest eroaming network

Project gemaakt voor Hubject GmbH in de Software & Computer Services industrie voor een B2B publiek.Hubject’s intercharge network gives you instant access to numerous new eMobility partners. No geographical limitations, no complicated negotiations. One unified open eRoaming network for a seamless charging experience.Our goal was to present the user with Hubject’s range of solutions in an easy-to-understand written and visual language on a newly designed website.Check out the full case study here:

Branding & PositioneringWebsite Creatie
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Kern Microtechnik – Website Relaunch
Kern Microtechnik – Website Relaunch

Project gemaakt voor Kern Microtechnik GmbH in de Industriële Goederen en Diensten industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2021.Kern Microtechnik is a company engaged in machine engineering and contract manufacturing. It develops and produces CNC precision machining centres for more than 50 years.The company also manufactures parts for series production of key components with KERN machines. They serve various industries including automotive, jewelry and medical technology just to name a few.We have been tasked with designing and developing their new website.Check out our full case study here:

Website Creatie
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!AYCON- Website for Management Consulting Group
!AYCON- Website for Management Consulting Group

Project gemaakt voor AYCON management GmbH in de Management Consulting industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2021.Ulvi AYDIN, born in 1960, is an award-winning premium executive interim manager, advisory board, corporate and entrepreneur developer, XING insider and book author.As an international interim CEO and CSO and advisory board member, he supports medium-sized companies and corporations in brand and market development, repositioning, restructuring and sales excellence.Together with the client, we have designed and developed the new website. This page has been featured as Site of the Day by Mindsparklemag. Check out the full case study here-->

Website Creatie
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Branding for Cloud Developers TwoPeaks
Branding for Cloud Developers TwoPeaks

Project gemaakt voor twopeaks digital e.U. in de Software & Computer Services industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2021.Twopeaks works across three pillars including DevOps, Cloud Products, and a Developer Academy. They help clients with DevOps by offering Drop-in Developers, Cloud Architecture and Development. Besides client offerings, Twopeaks actively develops its own Cloud products for the market and is planning to host a developer academy focused on experience and real-world project learning.Together with the client, we have developed the brand identity from scratch and created brand assets for all channels.Check out the result here-->

Branding & PositioneringOntwerpWebsite Creatie
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Branding for Online Academy Campus45
Branding for Online Academy Campus45

Project gemaakt voor Campus45 in de Management Consulting industrie voor een B2B publiek.Campus45 is a digital academy that helps striving Interim Professionals to position themselves in the market and develop their skills further. They are provided with hands on learning from the leading Interim Managers in Europe. To support the upcoming launch, we have developed an identity that finds the balance between classines, prestige and boldness.Check out the full case study here -->

Branding & PositioneringOntwerp
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Branding for Amsterdam Chemistry Network
Branding for Amsterdam Chemistry Network

Project gemaakt voor Amsterdam Chemistry Network in de Non-profit industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek in 2022.Amsterdam Chemistry Network is an organization representing Chemistry for sustainability and Chemistry for life sciences business in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. Its mission is to stimulate and facilitate Innovation by connecting professionals.Together with the client, we came up with their new name (former ILCA Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam) and have redesigned their brand identity.Check out the full case study here -->

Branding & PositioneringOntwerpWebsite Creatie
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15 leden in Creative Mules's team

Creative Mules cover
VerhaalTalent knows no borders. This is why our approach is remote-first from day 1. Having our creatives work from around the world, we can achieve unique results with unmatched creativity. This has allowed us to develop unique approaches to digital projects where we let you be part of the process at all times.
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Creative Mules heeft 8 awards gewonnen

Honorable Mention | Awwwards2022-08-01UI/UX design
Best UX, UI, Innovation | CSS Award2022-06-01UX, UI, Innovation

Best of Behance | Adobe2022-02-28Branding

Honorable Mention | Awwwards2021-12-30Webdesign

Site of the day award | Mindsparklemag2021-09-30Webdesign

3D Feature | Adobe2021-08-313D Animation
Best UX, UI, Innovation | CSS Award2021-10-31Webdesign

Site of the day award | Mindsparklemag2021-08-01Webdesign


21 reviews voor Creative Mules

(21 reviews)
Peter KuhleCEO bij Peter Kuhle
SectorManagement Consulting
Team1 - 2

SectorManagement Consulting
Team1 - 2

Stefan ReutherCo-Founder bij Unetiq
ServiceWebsite Creatie
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team1 - 10

ServiceWebsite Creatie
SectorSoftware & Computer Services
Team1 - 10

Luca Gonzalez SonstCMO bij GoodTreats
ServiceBranding & Positionering
Team1 - 10

ServiceBranding & Positionering
Team1 - 10

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  • HoofdkantoorVan Spilbergenstraat 75-2, 1057 RA Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Rathausstraße 1, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

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