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PigWorks is a full-service digital agency, specialising in creating client value through social movements. Services include social media marketing, graphic design, web development, video production, business development, concept design and production of digital assets.

Crafting With Brains

We are a fun mix of designers, engineers, coders and strategists with a great passion for all things creative. We love what we do, it's our way of life.

Things We Do

Media (digital and print), graphic design, social movements, production of digital assets, branding & identity systems, product development and more.

We're Passionate

Creative people producing awesome results. Cultivating brand personalities with creativity and vision. We consult on digital strategy and craft meaningful connections with your customers across web, social, mobile & e-commerce.

We're Professional

Our location in Amsterdam provides access to a vast community of creative professionals. We are relentless in moving boundaries and carry this spirited attitude into digital solutions. Solutions that engage, inspire and make you think.

At PigWorks, we leverage a multitude of skills to build and hone your brand. From social movements to "underground" marketing, we are there to drive your brand forward.

We match skills to your project in order to produce awesome results. Full engagement from design and prototyping to final product or promotion.






4 mensen in hun team
Spreekt Engels, Frans, Nederlands
15 projecten in hun portfolio
5 samenwerkingsverbanden begonnen op Sortlist
Werkt op afstand over de hele wereld
Sortlist lid sinds 2016
Opgericht in 2015
23 awards gewonnen
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4 diensten aangeboden door PigWorks

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  • Beschrijving
    Development of branding, brand books and identity systems. Web design, graphic design, web development, SEO etc. Advertising campaigns, product development, mobile app development, social movements. Collateral (print and digital): flyers, flags, posters, cards, stationery. Letterpress fluent.
    Skills in Branding & Positionering (19)
    RebrandingCorporate BrandingBrand ContentBrand IdentityBrand ManualBrand BookPhotographyContent StrategyBrand PositioningBranding+9
    Projecten in Branding & Positionering (14)
    Branding  - Snijders Yachts - Branding & Positionering
    Development Print Designs  Lumenis - Branding & Positionering
    Complete New Branding Mount Elgon - Branding & Positionering
    Branding Identity Aiur - Branding & Positionering
    Klanten in Branding & Positionering (14)
    TiborManagement Consulting | international
    Authentic GolfSport | international
    AiurSoftware & Computer Services | international
    Mount ElgonLandbouw |

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  • Beschrijving
    Looking to cultivate innovation in your workplace? Working out your sales and marketing process? PigWorks can assist your team to define your brand, understand your customers and prioritise your goals. * Identity Systems * Corporate Storytelling * Digital Marketing Campaigns * Web Design * Video Content * Advertising Campaigns
    Skills in Digital Strategy (7)
    Marketing DigitalDigital Brand ManagementStorytelling DigitalDigital BrandingDigital AdvertisingDigital MarketingDigital Transformation
    Projecten in Digital Strategy (10)
    Branding  - Snijders Yachts - Digital Strategy
    Development Print Designs  Lumenis - Digital Strategy
    Complete New Branding Mount Elgon - Digital Strategy
    Branding Identity Aiur - Digital Strategy
    Klanten in Digital Strategy (10)
    Mount ElgonLandbouw |
    Authentic GolfReizen & Vrije tijd | international
    Amsterdam BrewboysDranken | international
    University of Hawai'i ManoaNon-profit | national

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  • Beschrijving
    Corporate identities, logos, promotional items, stationery, in-store displays and packaging. Flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, Letterpress printing, promotional gifts and packaging.
    Skills in Ontwerp (13)
    Print and PosterPackaging DesignLogotypePhotographyBrochure DesignInfographicLogo DesignIllustrationMotion Graphicsanimated graphics+3
    Projecten in Ontwerp (14)
    Branding  - Snijders Yachts - Ontwerp
    Development Print Designs  Lumenis - Ontwerp
    Complete New Branding Mount Elgon - Ontwerp
    Branding Identity Aiur - Ontwerp
    Klanten in Ontwerp (14)
    De Hummus HouseVoedsel | local
    Authentic GolfReizen & Vrije tijd | international
    Amsterdam BrewboysDranken | international
    University of Hawai'i ManoaNon-profit | national

    Meer informatie over Ontwerp

  • Beschrijving
    Web design, graphic design, content creation, copywriting, photography, UX/UI. Wordpress, HTML5, CMS.
    Skills in Website Creatie (15)
    Web DesignWebdesignWordPressSEOHTML5CMSWebsite DevelopmentDigital & Web DesignProfessional WebsitesE-commerce Website+5
    Projecten in Website Creatie (5)
    Branding  - Snijders Yachts - Website Creatie
    Complete New Branding Mount Elgon - Website Creatie
    Development Identity Authentic Golf - Website Creatie
    Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens - Website Creatie
    Klanten in Website Creatie (5)
    Rose Lawn Memorial GardensAnderen | local
    Snijders YachtsVervoer | international
    TiborManagement Consulting | international
    Authentic GolfSport | international

    Meer informatie over Website Creatie

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15 projecten uitgevoerd door PigWorks

Branding  - Snijders Yachts
Branding - Snijders Yachts

Project gemaakt voor Snijders Yachts in de Vervoer industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2021.Snijders Yachts is the outgrowth of Olav Snijders’ lifelong fascination with boats and the sea.Building upon a life at sea which began at the age of three, Olav now has turned his experience and insight as a superyacht captain toward designing and building the world’s premiere limousine tenders.Snijders Yachts have chosen PigWorks to develop their branding, website, production of collateral materials and to give input on aspects of yacht limousine design.PigWorks is currently assisting Snijders Yachts with the development of strategic partnerships in the areas of interior amenities, sound design, and visual design.

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingDigital Strategy+3
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Development Print Designs  Lumenis
Development Print Designs Lumenis

Project gemaakt voor Lumenis in de Farmaceuten & Biotech industrie voor een B2B publiek in 2020.Lumenis is a manufacturer of medical & aesthetic laser equipment, with over 150 distributors worldwide.Starting from a basic outline provided by the client, PigWorks designed and developed printed materials, exhibition graphics, handouts, schedules and implemented Eddystone beacon technologies within 24 hours.PigWorks incorporated Eddystone beacon technology driving traffic to live event displays. Using our concepts as a guide, PigWorks conceptualised graphics and collateral for Lumenis’ point of presence during the conference.

Branding & PositioneringContent StrategyDigital Strategy+3
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Complete New Branding Mount Elgon
Complete New Branding Mount Elgon

Project gemaakt voor Mount Elgon in de Landbouw industrie voor een B2B / B2C publiek in 2020.Mount Elgon required a complete re-branding for their various business units (overall branding, Roses & Avocados) to modernize their look and to encompass all parts of the business under a common design language.A new website was also designed and developed t to reflect the updated branding and product offerings.Starting from a basic outline provided by the client, PigWorks designed and developed a new branding package including: logotypes, business strategy, package design typography and collateral design

Branding & PositioneringDigital StrategyErgonomie (UX / UI)+2
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Branding Identity Aiur
Branding Identity Aiur

Project gemaakt voor Aiur in de Software & Computer Services industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2020.DEVELOPING THE STRATEGYOver a two-day facilitated session, we surfaced the challenges Aiur as an organisation faced. In the process, they prioritised the needs and goals of the business and its customers. This became the foundation for the branding design and marketing approach.DEFINING THE BRANDThrough a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand.This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act.

Branding & PositioneringCopywritingDigital Strategy+2
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Development Identity Authentic Golf
Development Identity Authentic Golf

Project gemaakt voor Authentic Golf in de Sport industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2020.PigWorks worked hand in hand with Authentic Golf to develop a corporate identity system, including logotype, typographic design, UX/UI design, web development, graphic design and collateral design.Working from the strategic basis developed in our Discovery Sessions, branding was developed which speaks to Authentic Golf’s target clients in a voice that reflects Authentic Golf’s commitment to delivering unusual and historical golf vacations..

Branding & PositioneringDigital StrategyErgonomie (UX / UI)+3
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Brand Development for Kurtain Kall
Brand Development for Kurtain Kall

Project gemaakt voor Kurtain Kall in de Onderwijs industrie voor een B2C publiek in 2018.Kurtain Kall is building the Web's best environment for high school students of the arts to meet and interact with recruiters from the nation's finest colleges, universities and conservatories.PigWorks have developed the company website, branding (including logo, styleguide, etc.) and corporate personality.We have also assisted in building the strategies for social media efforts and future marketing plans.

Branding & Positionering
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4 leden in PigWorks's team

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PigWorks heeft 23 awards gewonnen

Aquent/Creative Mornings Talent of the Month2015-12-31Creative
Photoshop Creative Magazine UK2016-07-31Featured Talent
Rnked.com - Top 50 Agencies in The Netherlands2017-02-28Top Agencies
Featured Agency-Digital Agency Network2017-02-01Digital Agency Network
Agency Spotter - Top 20 Branding Agencies2017-07-31Top 20 Branding Agencies
Total 3D Excellence Award2018-02-28Illustration
Top Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam-Sortlist2018-02-28Marketing/Advertising
AWWWards2019-09-30Web Design /Development
TDA-Digital Strategy Agency of the Month2019-10-31Digital Strategy
AdWorld Masters - Agency of the Year2019-10-31Silver
Sortlist - Best in Amsterdam2019-08-31Marketing
Clutch - Best B2B Firms2019-08-31Western Europe
AdWorld Masters - Top Agencies Worldwide2019-09-30Branding
AdWorld Masters - Agency of the Month2019-05-31Agency
Agency Spotter-Top 100 Branding Agencies Worldwide2020-07-01Top 100 Branding Agencies

The Manifest - Top 8 branding Agencies in the Netherlands2020-06-30Ranked Number 2 Branding Agency in the Netherlands
Visual Objects - Top Branding Agency in the Netherlands2020-06-30Number One Branding Agency in the Netherland
Clutch - Leaders Matrix2020-07-31Top 10 Web Deign Agencies in the Netherlands
Clutch - Leaders Matrix2020-07-31Number 2 Branding Consultancy in The Netherlands
Clutch - Leaders Matrix2020-07-31Number 2 Digital Agency in The Netherlands
Clutch - Leaders Matrix2020-07-31Top Ten Web Design Agencies in The Netherlands
Clutch - Leader 20212021-02-01B2B Leader 2021
AdWorldMasters - Silver Award Agency of the Year 20212021-01-31Agency of the year 2021 - Silver Award


5 reviews voor PigWorks

(5 reviews)
David le RouxFinancial Controller bij Mount Elgon Orchards
"They are proactive about making recommendations, and they enact changes quickly."

Olav SnijdersOwner bij Snijders Yachts
Wat was het doel van de samenwerking?
The best, most innovative agency to assign to your project. The people working for it are welcoming professionals with experience on their respective subject, leaving nothing more to be desired.
Wat vond je het leukst tijdens de samenwerking?
A fulfilling experience where you will get you what you asked for.

Olav Snijders beveelt dit bureau aan

Marieke Letteboer-KMarketing Manager bij Hygienius
Ik heb met Russ van Pig works prettig contact gehad. Slim, geinteresseerd, kennis van zaken en een goed voorstel.

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  • HoofdkantoorPlantage Middenlaan 62, 1018 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands

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